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Los accesos remotos desde los hogares a las redes empresariales se fueron incrementando en los últimos años y en relación a situaciones de emergencia como las que vivimos en la actualidad crecieron en forma exponencial, lo cual es muy necesario para las empresas disponer de este método de conexión.


Remote accesses from homes to business networks have been increasing in recent years and in relation to emergency situations such as those we are experiencing today, they grew exponentially, which is very necessary for companies to have this connection method . The most widely used and secure way in business environments is the so-called VPN (Virtual Private Network-Virtual Private Network) which creates a local network without the need for devices to be interconnected, achieving an extension of the corporate network. How do you do it? creating a tunnel between the domestic connections to the equipment that makes up the perimeter between the corporate network and the internet, as the main characteristic of this connection method we have security, since the connections can be encrypted from end to end.

BASE4 Security offers multiple Secure VPN solutions through access portals in the cloud, thus ensuring that the user uses the applications made available by the company and protecting its network from possible Malware on the remote desktops of the users.

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