Adversary Emulation


In our specialized Ethical Hacking service we combine advanced attack techniques such as Adversary Simulation and OSINT, emulating a real and in-depth attack against the Client's technological infrastructure in order to verify possible attack vectors corresponding to each specific organization, as well as check and test the security controls it has deployed and how far a possible attacker could go. As we also indicate which specific Technical Tactics and Procedures (TTP) of Miter ATT & CK worked and evaded the controls during this analysis, thus adding value and helping to verify and improve the Detection and Response of Incidents of a SOC service.

In our Ethical Hacking projects, 80% of the tests and trials are carried out manually, our professionals are trained and have certifications such as OSCP, OSCE, OSWP, among others, in addition to the know-how and international experience in the execution of complex projects in mission-critical companies such as banks, governments, electronic payment processors, enregía, etc.

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