Combat Training


During this 5-day course, the assistant will learn how to compromise the security of an entire organization using the same techniques, tools, and methodology used by real attackers. This is a highly practical course, where the attendee will face different challenges that must be overcome, and which will then be explained in detail. In this way, the assistant will learn from the instructor, from his colleagues, and from his own mistakes and successes.

  • Info gathering and recon
  • Scanning
  • Brute force y cracking
  • Network attacks
  • Exploitation and post-exploitation
  • Client side attacks
  • Mobile attacks
  • Web attacks
  • Wireless hacking


  • Course with its own certification
  • 40 hour course
  • All BASE4 University trainings are held on calendar dates (limited places) or on exclusive In Company dates.

Agenda, values and more information at: