Get the capabilities of a modern Security Operation Center (SOC) without the cost and headache of managing one.
BASE4's SOC-as-a-Service provides the technology, process and know how you need to deliver 24×7 security and a cost-effective alternative to building your own CyberSOC.

Managed Detection and Response


​Managed Detection & Response ​-> Visibility and Action -> Monitor, detect and respond to Cyber Threats

24x7 security monitoring service whose objective is to generate visibility on threats that may affect the confidentiality, availability or integrity of assets or critical customer information. The service will detect possible incidents and then investigate them, enrich them by adding context, prioritize them and respond to them, giving the customer an actionable alert. We use tools such as QRadar to perform event ingestion and correlation, an incident response system to enrich and correlate them, a Threat Intelligence system to collect and create detection use cases on emerging threats, and infrastructure monitoring systems.

​ Utilizamos herramientas como QRadar para realizar la ingesta y correlación de eventos, un sistema de respuesta ante incidentes para enriquecer y correlacionar los mismos, un sistema de Threat Intelligence para recopilar y crear casos de uso de detección sobre amenazas emergentes y sistemas de monitoreo de infraestructura.

Digital Risk & Attack Surface Monitoring


Continuous 24x7 monitoring of the client's external attack surface on the internet and the dark web, the objective of the service is to detect possible attack vectors as an attacker would see them as soon as possible, in order to avoid a possible cybersecurity incident:

  • Brand Protection
  • Data Leakage
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Asset Discovery
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning


​24x7 service whose objective is to keep clients informed and protected from new cyber threats that may affect them. Tracking and monitoring cyber actors that are carrying out attacks in the region and / or the client's industry. We collect from more than 100 sources of indicators of compromise (IOCs) on emerging threats that we share with our client through API or STIX format so that you can use it by integrating it in detection lists of a SIEM or in dynamic blocking policies in your security platforms .

We also share read-only access to our cyber intelligence platform, so that the client can see the investigations of our team of investigators and access news and events collected from multiple channels of information about attacks, such as forums, social networks and researchers known in the environment.

​ We will send the client news about attacks that may affect it, including the TTPs used by it, IOCs, description and industry and affected products, among other data. We will also send news about new vulnerabilities that may affect your products.

Managed Security Services

24x7 administration and support service for security solutions. Configuring and monitoring them according to best practices and our experience of more than 10 years of experience.
As part of the service, periodic assessments of the managed solution are carried out, promoting continuous improvement. Monthly technical and executive reports are also made with various KPIs of interest.

Plataformas administradas: EPP EDR NTA NDR IPS Qradar, etc.

QMS - QRadar Managed Security

We help you maximize your investment in QRadar. Our team of certified experts work with you from the start with an assessment of your QRadar environment and planning new enhancements.

Tired of alert fatigue? We improve your QRadar environment by providing tuned use cases and actionable intelligence, minimizing false positives and freeing up your team to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.


Multi-Cloud security and configuration monitoring service that can detect thousands of threats in your cloud accounts. Audit your IaaS (AWS, Azure, GCP) to find the weak points in your infrastructure, comparing to well known standards like CIS and best practices. Use Cases examples:

  • Servers exposed publicly to the internet
  • Unencrypted data storage
  • Lack of least-privilege policies
  • Poor password policies or missing MFA
  • Misconfigured backup and restore settings
  • Data exposure and privilege escalation

Over 400 Use Cases Alert on each finding with detailed remediation steps


24x7 vulnerability scanning and management service, supported by the best technology on the market. We help protect your critical assets on-premise and in the cloud, we also provide our experience and best practices when recommending mitigations to prevent future cyberattacks. Our scans are carried out continuously, in order to reduce the window of exposure of critical assets to new vulnerabilities or exploits. We also perform scans to web applications and also reports for compliance (For example: PCI-DSS).

  • Critical asset scanning
  • Cloud and On-Premise
  • Best practices in mitigations
  • Continuous scans
  • Alert on new vulnerabilities
  • Compliance reports

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