Comprehensive Diagnosis


Through a work team where we integrate various profiles (Audit, Networking, Ethical Hacking, Cloud Architects, among others) we carry out a Comprehensive Security Diagnosis with the aim of providing visibility and prioritization of the company's attack vectors and risks. We align them with the business in order to draw up a Short and Medium-term Action Plan, prioritizing risks, investment and remediation times for each vector.

This service analyzes:

  • External Attacks (Ethical Hacking)
  • Infrastructure (VRA, Patching, Device Hardening)
  • Core technology tuning (FWs, WAF, Ddos, Switch Core, Security Platforms)
  • Job Analysis (Local AV, Local FW, Information Leak, Side jumps, AD)
  • Policy Analysis and Internal Processes (Backup, Cloud, Desarrollo de Apps, Remediaci√≥n, Incident Response, ABM, Accesos, etc.)
  • Network Audit (Network Architecture, Virtual Architecture / Cloud, Analysis of Devices, Communications, Links, Technologies)
  • Maturity of Internal Users (Social Engineering through phone calls, phishing campaigns, physical income, etc.)

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