Dominating Industrial Networks


This course seeks to broaden cybersecurity knowledge, presenting tools that accompany learning for industrial contexts. Mainly, the focus is on setting up laboratories where ports used in this type of network are discovered, as well as attacks that can be carried out against them and additionally, their respective remediation. The main objective of this course is to broaden the vision towards industrial production as well as the scope of the possible threats, also their weaknesses and the way in which they can be protected.

Today, one of the least known areas of information security is the cybersecurity of Industrial systems. This area is characterized by the impact, damage and effects of threats, which are much greater and more serious than in other environments, and can lead to catastrophes. For example, the loss of the proper functioning of a nuclear power plant or a petrochemical industry can have devastating physical implications, in addition to harming said company, it can also cause the death of thousands of people and even have a negative impact from the point of view of an entire country or region.


  • 16 hour course
  • All BASE4 University trainings are held on calendar dates (limited places) or on exclusive In Company dates.

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