Ethical Hacking


BASE4 Security specializes in carrying out all kinds of Ethical Hacking projects such as Red Team Operations, Adversary Simulation, all kinds of Pentest or Intrusion Test, Social Engineering tests such as Phishing and Spear Phishing, Vishing or Telephone Calls, access verification physical or Tailgating, among others.

Our Ethical Hacking projects simulate in a controlled way an eventual cyber attack that an organization could suffer, in order to identify weaknesses in the security of an organization's systems, applications and other assets, determine if an attacker could exploit them successfully, and in this way, help our clients get ahead of the events and prepare for different cyber threats, as well as being able to innovate and carry out the digital transformation of their business in a safe and resilient way.

In the context of a broader risk management framework, the organization should assess the risk of each vulnerability against additional considerations, such as the financial, operational, or reputational impact of the successful exploitation of each vulnerability. The threats applicable to the organization, the probability of occurrence, the costs associated with remediation, the tolerance defined by the organization for potential risks, and other company-specific factors should also be considered.

Each finding can and should be incorporated into the organization's risk assessment and risk management processes in determining an appropriate remediation approach.