Hacking Mobile Android/iOs


This course will allow us to know in depth the architecture of both Android and iOS devices, the structure that their applications use, communication, reversing and forms of exploitation that will allow us to obtain data from the application code, hardware, software and the subsequent analysis of the information contained in such devices.

This is a highly practical course, where the attendee will face different challenges that must be overcome, and which will then be explained in detail. In this way, he will learn from the instructor, from his colleagues, and from his own mistakes and successes. The Android & iOS Hacking training is a highly practical course where the assistant will constantly be faced with new challenges, with the instructor's guidance.

Each attendee will be provided with a virtual machine with Kali Linux, a Linux distribution designed for Penetration Testers and SamuraiSFTU, an open source Linux distribution specifically for industrial security teams, from where most of the labs will be conducted, and all the virtual machines needed to emulate real work environments, with which a Pentester faces on a daily basis. In addition, we will work with real physical devices used in industrial environments so that each assistant can carry out the tests with an environment very similar to that found in the implementations.


  • 24 hour course
  • All BASE4 University trainings are held on calendar dates (limited places) or on exclusive In Company dates.

Agenda, values and more information at: capacitacion@base4sec.com