​Cloud Access Security Broker


Cloud Access Security Brokers help enforce security policies, offering granular visibility and control of applications between the cloud and users. In this way, it allows us to secure the applications used within the company, identify and block suspicious behavior and the unauthorized use of certain applications, until we can see potentially risky users.

The CASB was positioned as one of the leading solutions in 2020 to the challenge of remote work and information leakage.


Unlike Firewalls, CASBs allow us to execute granular controls on security policies, in a few words, it is not limited to the well-known Allow-Deny, but depending on the application or web service that is used, it offers us a variety possible actions within it (for example: upload a file, post, change permissions, among others.).

One of the great virtues that they provide us with is compliance with regulations even though the applications or services are outside their perimeter and direct control. Exemplifying directly with the control on personal devices, which connect directly to the application or web service outside the company. It also provides threat prevention, preventing malware from spreading through cloud applications, thanks to real-time antivirus analysis and sandboxing for unknown threats.

The discovery of Shadow IT: Refers to those devices, applications and services that are beyond the control of the IT department and do not have an explicit approval from the company.

BASE4 Security has more than 6 Regional Engineers certified in CASB solutions, and with large implementations in Banking, Finance, Retail, E-Commerce among other areas.

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