IAAS Proxy

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Today the digital transformation is leading companies to increasingly use their infrastructure as a cloud service. This brought many problems at the regional level of Cybersecurity due to the lack of hardenization of these environments, leading to leakage of sensitive data, encryption attacks, phishing and many others.


The security technology offered focuses on the 7x24 monitoring of the cloud infrastructure (regardless of the cloud that it may be), observing problems of Identity Management and Access, Files with Malware, Open Ports, Expired Passwords, among many others, as well as providing constant visibility and a low-level forensic analysis of each problem for subsequent decision making.

BASE4 has a team of Cloud Architects for the Pre-Sale and Implementation of these solutions, as well as the service offering from our CyberSOC where our team is in charge of monitoring, alerts and reporting of said threats. We also carry out audits of these environments as a company to provide customers with a first safety guideline on them.

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