‚ÄčOperational Technology & Industrial Control Systems


The consultancy services for the evaluation of exposure to vulnerabilities in OT networks and evaluation in accordance with international industrial cybersecurity frameworks such as IEC62443 or NIST 800-82, are intended to improve the security levels of industrial operation by minimizing risks and maximizing availability. through the development of continuous improvement plans.


Our most recommended cybersecurity plans have as one of their main stages the evaluations developed with market leading tools and managed by our expert OT security consultants. Starting the process with a measurement of the current state, either following our own policies or those of mandatory compliance, we help our clients to support their industrial business model with a clear stance against cybersecurity challenges.

Beyond the Audit services on these networks, we offer Sale, Implementation, Support and Administration of discovery solutions and asset protection, network segmentation, and many others, with engineers with more than 4 years of experience working with all types of industry.

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