Based on the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) standard, which is updated every 3 years, we will carefully analyze the TOP 10 of Web application vulnerabilities that are progressively gaining ground in the field of cyber-crime, and that you must have very much in mind to maintain or develop secure services on the Internet. Each vulnerability in the ranking will be treated in depth, giving us tools to detect these flaws and how to mitigate or prevent them. Our test laboratory will be the safe environment for the practices, which will be provided by us and the installation and use is detailed in this document. We will also analyze vulnerable code to learn how to mitigate, identify or prevent future cyber attacks on our projects.

The OWASP ranking is an open source project, developed by security experts around the world and is dedicated to determining and combating the causes that make software insecure. Carrying out these good practices documented by this non-profit organization, make the internet safer for users and service creators. The purpose of this course is to experience and internalize good practices related to security in Web development through this international standard.


  • 24 hour course
  • All BASE4 University trainings are held on calendar dates (limited places) or on exclusive In Company dates.

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