Pentest PCI DSS


Among the PCI-DSS requirements is the obligation for organizations that store and process any type of credit card holder information to periodically test their systems in search of possible security vulnerabilities. This includes intrusion or Pentest tests that verify the effectiveness of the security controls implemented in the CDE - Cardholder Data Environment.

BASE4 Security carries out Pentest projects according to the requirements of the PCI-DSS standard, helping our clients to comply with the standard and verify if their systems in the CDE environment, both External and Internal, are free of vulnerabilities, and also, possible fraud executions financial As a result of the analysis, the client receives a report where we carefully detail which were the vulnerabilities found, the PCI-DSS controls checked and verified, and what are the necessary steps to leave the CDE environment free of vulnerabilities and fraud, as well as comply with the PCI-DSS standard.

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