Security Management In The SDLC


In the software development life cycle, faced with the wide variety of highly competent and streamlined products, we are forced to keep the times of these stages as short as possible. This is how security breaches can occur, which, although they may form part of our documentation for consideration, if mitigation methods are not formally implemented, they may expose highly confidential information. Implementing security in these stages where you seek to optimize tasks and times can be a problem. For this reason, the risks must be taken into account from the moment the idea of developing a Software is raised.

Throughout the SDLC, both our data, sensitive information and the code developed can be exposed in cases such as:

  • Unsafe code development practices
  • Unsafe code development practices
  • Weak configurations in DevOps tools
  • Information exposed in production

The aforementioned problem occurs in all development teams, from small to medium and large companies. An added value to this problem is that knowledge must be constant and in accordance with the needs of the market that arise from the improvement of the types of attacks and vulnerability nodes.

Throughout this course, we will explain how these vulnerabilities can be exploited, what practices we must take into account to prevent this from happening and how to implement them.


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