Cloud Security: Multi-Cloud


You cannot assure something that you do not understand its inner workings. Today, notices of information leaks and attacks on companies and institutions due to bad configurations or carelessness on the part of administrators and users is the daily bread and butter. It is estimated that by 2027 75% of private institutions will be in the cloud with complex integrations like Kubernetes on that.

The solution to this is to train technical users in the field through technical training from the beginning of everything we today call "the cloud."

The cloud today is made up of a great mix of free software components and proprietary components. In order to make an understanding of the internal functioning and to be able to carry out a hardening according to the business needs of each one, the participants will be instructed in the following topics:

  • History of the cloud, in order to be able to give the assistant an overview of how the changes have been that have led us to today
  • APIs and their integrations in the cloud
  • Virtualization, capabilities of operating systems to perform such tasks in data centers and containers
  • Networks, data storage, encryption (with special emphasis on how it works), firewalls and consumption for API restriction
  • Management of users and applications and their respective monitoring
Various clouds will be seen in both practice and theory, including (but not limited to); Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, UpCloud, and Microsoft Azure. At the end of the training, the assistant will have the necessary bases to be able to adapt to the future changes that lie ahead.


  • 40 hour course. With the possibility of adapting based on your own requirements
  • All BASE4 University trainings are held on calendar dates (limited places) or on exclusive In Company dates.

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