Manage the lifecycle of a person's identity from entry into an organization to exit.

Identity & Governance Access involves managing user identity and access to grant the right access to the right people at the right time.
The same solution must be able to identify potential risks and conflicts between user accesses, providing reporting and auditing tools to meet the regulatory requirements of each industry and governmental bodies.
Identity & Governance Access reduces the risk associated with users who have inappropriate or unnecessary authorizations for their role within the organization.
An I.G.A. solution helps organizations improve their security posture, mitigate risks, comply with regulatory frameworks and improve operational efficiency in identity management.

Protect access to your critical assets such as infrastructure, databases, operating systems, etc. by securely managing such access.

Privileged access management is a fundamental part of organizations' cybersecurity strategy with the purpose of controlling, protecting and auditing all privileged identities and activities of human and non-human persons on critical assets in an enterprise IT environment.
Organizations implement privileged access management (PAM) to protect against threats posed by credential theft and privilege misuse.

Improve the internal user experience as well as that of customers and suppliers by managing correct access and authentication to applications.

The implementation of SSO (Single Sign On) to allow a person to use only one set of credentials to access all applications together with the use of MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), improve on the one hand the user experience by requiring only one username and password to access multiple applications and on the other hand the use of a second authentication factor, in any of its multiple possibilities, allow to ensure the identity of who is trying to access an application.