Preparation and review of Information Security policies and procedures, taking into account documentary requirements established by international standards.

Analysis and evaluation of information security based on the methodology developed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to determine the maturity level of the organization.

Advice for the preparation of a Cybersecurity Master Plan (IS Strategy). Elaboration of a 'Road Map' (corrective actions and opportunities for improvement in the short, medium and long term).

It is a consulting service that helps executives, IT and IT Security teams to protect information assets, while supporting their operations without having to focus on the core business. BASE4 Security helps to design the best Information Security strategy, taking into account the particular characteristics of your organization.

Identification, assessment, management and treatment of operational and IT risks and opportunities (ISO 27005 / ISO 31001 / COBIT 5 / Magerit / COSO / BCRA / Other)